Aim and Objectives of the council

The aims and objects of the Council are:-

  1. To initiate, undertake or aid directly or through its branches of affiliated bodies schemes for furtherance of Child Welfare in Uttarakhand
  2. To Support wherever possible and guide the progress of any approved schemes of Child Welfare, which may already exist.
  3. To organize and maintain institutions for the training of the Child Welfare workers and to encourage their employment for child welfare work.
  4. To help wherever possible, in the extension of facilities for courses of special training in Child Welfare in the existing institutions.
  5. To arrange for the study and the collection of data and statistics in respect of Child Welfare work.
  6. To publish studies, treaties, books, periodicals, reports, literature and prepare other audio-visual material etc. relating to Child Welfare.
  7. To promote dissemination of knowledge and information and to educate opinion for Child Welfare programme on a scientific basis.
  8. To arrange for the holding of periodical conferences, workshops and seminars etc. on Child Welfare.
  9. To promote enactment of legislation and reform in existing laws relating to matters concerning children and their welfare and to work towards the fulfilment of the objectives as outlined in the National Policy for Children, and Resolutions adopted by the Parliament from time to time.
  10. To promote Bal Bhawans, Children's Zoo, Museums etc.
  11. To promote generally the welfare of children in Uttarakhand having regard to their social, economic and other needs.
  12. To promote the establishment or formation of District Councils with similar aims and objectives and to provide for their affiliation to the Council.
  13. To promote, establish and recognize Societies or Associations with similar objects within Uttarakhand and to enter into agreements with other organizations for their affiliation to or amalgamation with the Council.
  14. To cooperate with national and international organizations having similar objectives and to depute or receive representatives and to and from such organizations.
  15. To cooperate with other agencies both Governmental and Non- Governmental, in the organization and administration of Schemes and Funds for furtherance of Child Welfare in Uttarakhand
  16. To send delegates or observers to State, National and International Conferences on Child Welfare or allied matters.
  17. To manage, sell, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose off or deal with the property of any kind, which may be at the disposal of the Council under provisions of Societies Registration Act 1860.
  18. To enter into contracts for and in connection with any of the purposes of the Council.
  19. To raise funds by borrowing or otherwise as may be deemed fit and on behalf of the Council.
  20. To perform all such acts as may be necessary or proper for the achievement of any or all of the objectives of the Council.
  21. To undertake, participate and cooperate in the Educational Projects, Adult Education Programme, Welfare Projects for slums, tribal and rural upliftment and welfare and rehabilitation schemes for women and children initiated by the Government of India / State Government and other national and international agencies.

Our Address

General Secretary,
Nanoor Khera
Dehradun- 248 001 UTTRAKHAND

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